The 5 Main Finishes Used on Stone Countertops

Next to choosing the actual stone itself, the finish that you choose for your stone countertop is the next most important decision. Each one of the five below are being utilized by design experts in the Middle Tennessee area to help homeowners achieve a certain feeling or design idea within their home. Read on to discover what stone countertops look like with these finishes, and how to use them.

Stone countertops: The five main finishes

Polished stone countertops

Shiny and polished stone countertops are the most common ones which you’ll find in home across the Middle Tennessee area. A highly polished look is what most people turn to when they begin their quest for stone countertops, but this doesn’t mean that it is always the best choice. There are still four others to consider!

Honed stone countertops

A honed finish on stone countertops is a bit of a softer look. It doesn’t reflect as much light due to it being a lower gloss. It will still be smooth to the touch, but the lack of shine lends to it being more of a traditional surface, like in the country kitchens found across the Middle Tennessee area. Another name for honed that you may come across is matte.

Antique stone countertops

This finish is meant to give stone countertops the look of old wear and tear on the surface. The feeling of it under hand will be more textured, but regular sealing will leave it as protected as any other stone countertop finish.

Flamed stone countertops

Just as you’d expect, stone countertops with this finish are treated with intense heat. The finish is rough and is often used for outdoor purposes in the Middle Tennessee area.

Leathered stone countertops

For completeness sake I’ll include this stone countertop finish, but it is only available with marble. The slip-resistant finish is often compared to suede in that it is still smooth, but with slight bumps.

Which finish will work best on your stone countertops

For help choosing finishes for your stone countertops, contact the Stone World design team today. They’re here in the Middle Tennessee area for all your questions about stone countertops, and help you from the start to the finish of your design process.

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