Quartz Countertop Trivia you Don’t Know!

What is there to know about a quartz countertop? It’s a rock or something dug out of the ground, and homeowners all over Middle Tennessee love to install it in their homes. That’s it…right? Read on to discover five new things we bet that you didn’t know about that quartz countertop that your neighbor in Middle Tennessee has!

5 quirkyquartz countertop facts

1. Quartz was invented – What? How do you invent a stone? Quartz was invented in the 1960s by an Italian company, far away Middle Tennessee! Europeans have been using it for many years, decades even, but we’ve only started picking up on it here in our region of Tennessee in the last ten years. That distance did matter, if Italy were next door we may all have a quartz countertop in our home.

2. Quartz usually comes with a warranty – Since a quartz countertop is made with predictable outcomes, some manufactures offer a warranty on the quartz countertop that they ship to you. You can even find a few lifetime limited warranties out there too!

3. A quartz countertop isn’t all stone – A quartz countertop is usually 90 – 95% quartz, and a mix of pigments and resin. The pigments give it the color you’re trying to match in your home in Middle Tennessee, the resins give it the strength that it’s famous for!

4. It is incredibly strong – I wouldn’t recommend testing this, but a quartz countertop is resistant to almost all forms of common abuse. It is non-porous and won’t get waterlogged, heat resistant and won’t melt the moment you set a hot pan down, and knives can not scratch it.

5. A quartz countertop can resemble other stones – So you want quartz’s famous strength, but the look of marble? It is possible to get a quartz countertop that looks like marble, but you’ll never get a 100% reproduction. For most people in Middle Tennessee, they’ll never be able to tell the difference.

Installing a quartz countertop in your home

If you are looking to install a quartz countertop in your home, contact the team here at Stone World. They’ve helped people understand the points above and how they apply to home’s across the Middle Tennessee area, and can help you out as well.

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