How to Care for Marble Countertops

Anyone in the Nashville area looking to buy marble countertops had better know how to care for marble countertops properly. Caring for marble countertops is nothing like other lesser materials, but is similar to granite. Here are the things you’ll want to do.

How to care for marble countertops

Maintaining that high polished look is possible. They’ll never look as good as the day you installed them, but these how to care for marble bathroom countertop tips should help:

Regular sealing: They will have been sealed once by the manufacturer, but they will still need regular sealing to maintain their look. Sealing your marble countertops closes up the many pores that allows stains to set in, and makes them look shiny and new! Be sure to seal them at least once a year.

Clean them gently: Caring for marble countertops is a delicate process. You’d think that this stone could take anything, but this isn’t the case. Use mild soap and warm water for most general purpose cleaning. You can find specialty marble countertop cleaners in the Nashville area, but even they aren’t meant for daily use. The key thing to note on a daily basis is to be sure that all soap residue is cleaned up with a soap free cloth, and that all water is soaked up.

Remove all harmful cleaners: So you’re reading this list and you’re a responsible marble countertop owner. Great. But is everyone in Nashville who comes to your home one too? Remove temptation by removing all harmful cleaners which contain bleach or harsh chemicals. This will make it so someone trying to clean up a spill doesn’t cause damage to your marble countertops by accident.

Never set hot objects on them: Mable is a stone, but it can burn. Caring for marble countertops can also mean always having a pad ready to set hot things on. This goes for pans in the kitchen, and curling irons in the bathroom. Protect those marble countertops every day to care for them properly.

Remove burn marks gently: If a burn does happen, start with gentle household cleaners with low bleach content. A very softly textured sponge can help. For more aggressive burns, try the lightest grade of sandpaper that you can find in your local Nashville area hardware store.

More care tips for marble countertops

For more care tips for marble countertops, and to ask specific questions about them, call up the design team at Stone World. They’ve seen it all from Nashville area residents who own marble countertops, and can help you get yours looking better, or help you decide if you want to buy them for your home.

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