Dos and Don’ts for Marble Countertops

New and old marble countertop owners in the Nashville area could stand to read this list of marble countertop dos and don’ts. For new marble countertop owners, it can be tacked up somewhere in the room with the marble countertop in it to gently remind those in your home what to do.

Those who have had marble countertops for a while can still benefit. Attach this list to a party invite to let your guests know that you own marble countertops, or tack them up before the party where people will see them. Hopefully you know all this already, but your guests won’t!

Marble countertop dos:

  • Clean spills up immediately, the longer they sit the more they stain
  • Use mild soap and water to clean it
  • Dry it off with a soft cloth and soak up all moisture
  • Use cutting boards in the kitchen
  • Use pads for hot items in the bathroom like curling irons
  • Put down drink coasters, especially for acidic drinks like fruit juices
  • Regularly seal your marble, if it is starting to darken it is starting to stain and should be immediately cleaned and looked after
  • Give your marble countertop a polish

Okay, those are all the good things you should be doing to care for your marble countertops. Get your family familiar with them and your marble countertops will last for years longer in your Nashville home.

Marble countertop don’ts:

  • Let wine, mustard, oil, or anything acidic sit on the marble countertop
  • Use abrasive cleaners, or cleaners with chemicals in them
  • Place hot pans on marble countertops
  • Place hot curling irons or hair dryers on marble countertops
  • Put heavy objects on them for long
  • Ever stand on them, especially the corners
  • Cut directly on the countertop surface as knives can scratch it easily
  • Neglect your yearly, or more often, sealing regime

Having marble countertops in your home

The dos and don’ts above should show you that a lot of what can harm marble countertops can be easily avoided if you just make people aware of what is a problem for them. Not everyone in the Nashville area has marble countertops, but you can help people protect your investment with a list like this one around at key times.

To have marble countertops installed in your home, contact the design team at Stone World. They know all the dos and don’ts of home design, and can use marble countertops as part of your bathroom or kitchen design scheme.

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  1. Marble is definitely elegant and timeless. It does have its pros and cons, though. The most important thing is knowing how to clean and maintain it.

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