What’s Better for my Kitchen Countertop: Granite or Marble?

Homeowners in Nashville trying to decide between granite and marble for their kitchen countertop are trying to make a choice between two equally incredible kitchen countertop materials. Both materials are great choices, but one may be better suited as a kitchen countertop material for your home in Nashville than the other.

What’s better for my kitchen countertop: Granite or marble?

Comparing the durability of marble and granite countertops

Marble countertops: This porous stone will stain easier, and show dirt more readily. The porous nature of marble countertops also makes it weaker and more prone to chipping and scratching. It’s more durable than plywood kitchen countertop materials, but not as strong as other stones.

Granite countertops: Granite is a very durable kitchen countertop material. You can cut right on it without scratching, set a hot pan down for a moment without melting or burning it, and it takes a really hard hit to chip it.

Comparison the looks of marble and granite

Marble countertops: Everyone loves the look of a marble kitchen countertop. They have been the height of kitchen design since long before you were born, and will remain as such for long after you are gone. A marble kitchen countertop could outlive you thanks to their style!

Granite countertops: With their flecks of color and sparkles of flaked quartz, a granite countertop certainly isn’t fugly! They are also available in a much wider variety of colors than marble, helping them incorporate into the edgier kitchen designs that you see in Nashville lately.

Comparison of the maintenance needs of marble and granite

Marble countertops: Small scratches and chips can be repaired with a color matching epoxy, most hardware stores around Nashville carry them. They are relatively inexpensive. Larger problems may require a professional.

Granite countertops: Repairs are much less frequent with a granite kitchen countertop. Epoxies can hide any of the very few scratches they will get during their lifespan. Annual resealing will minimize any stains.

Comparing the price of marble and granite kitchen countertops

Contacting us here at Stone World will be the best way to settle this difference. Both marble and granite are available at a wide variety of price points for your kitchen countertop. It is unfair to say which is cheaper or the better value as each one, as you’ve read above, has its own unique strengths. A great value for one person in Nashville may be worthless to another with different needs!

Contact us today for help making the decision, or to order the kitchen countertop material that is perfect for your home.

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