Outdoor Granite Countertop Design for Perfect BBQs!

We all love a good BBQ here in Nashville, and the right outdoor granite countertop can make it happen. These safe to use countertops look great, catch fire MUCH less often than plywood, and look amazing.

Follow some of these outdoor granite countertop design tips to help your BBQs go perfectly all summer long.

Outdoor granite countertop design tips

Keep the area ventilated

If you are putting up any kind of walls, a chimney over your outdoor granite countertop cooking surface can lead that harmful smoke away from you and your guests. Yes, we know that you’re outside, but on a clam day in Nashville that air can just sit on top of you.

If you’d rather not do this, try and keep at least one outlet handy to plug in a fan. This can keep the air moving even when Mother Nature doesn’t want it to.

Installing an outdoor granite countertop near a wall

Many people choose to install an outdoor granite countertop on a wall of their home to take advantage of the protective overhang of their home, or garage. Protect the wall from the heat of the BBQ by installing:

  • stainless steel sheets
  • ceramic tile
  • bricks
  • thin granite slabs

If you’re already installing an outdoor granite countertop, why not continue that look and put up a granite slab that matches the countertop? You just may create the most talked about new BBQ space in Nashville!

Do you place the BBQ lip over on under your outdoor granite countertop?

This is both a design issue, and a practical issue. For BBQs with controls knobs mounted right to the BBQ, you will have to mount it higher than your outdoor marble countertop. If not, you’re free to choose which location better suits your design ideals.

A special note on your BBQ and your outdoor granite countertop is that your BBQ will likely not last as long as the countertop itself. Choosing a design that allows for differing height BBQs can save you from renovating your outdoor BBQ area later on.

Choose a design for your outdoor granite countertop

For help designing your outdoor granite countertop, from start to finish, contact the team at Stone World. No matter what kind of party you’re looking to throw outside in the Nashville area, they’ll be able to help you with the design that will best suit your space, budget, and needs.

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