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Custom Countertops in the Bathroom

The process is not as intrusive as you may think

Considering installing custom countertops in the bathroom can be stressful when homeowners start thinking of people coming in and out of their home for days on end, circular saws making noise, and sweaty workmen toiling away.

To be fair, the sweaty workmen appeal to some people, but we’ll assume the majority of those reading would rather not have them around! You can still maintain the privacy you need in your own home.

Your custom bathroom cabinet countertop doesn’t need to be that intrusive, there are  a number of ways that you can make sure it takes up as little time as possible, and is done quickly.

Custom Countertops

Custom Countertops

Take your own measurements and have a firm design idea for your bathroom cabinet countertops

One of the first times that someone may need to get up close and personal with your home is when measurements need to be taken. However, if you would prefer to use the measuring tape yourself, you have the option to cut this step out and take your own measurements.

All you’ll need is the ability to draw a diagram to scale, the ability to make precise measurements, and to take all special considerations (such as existing electrical plugs and water pipes) into account.

This is also your chance to discover for yourself what is possible in your space as you nail down your vision for your bathroom as a whole, as well as for the bathroom cabinet countertops specifically.

Have the cabinets and cabinet countertop built in the factory

The thing that makes most people cringe over is the dirt and sawdust associated with cabinets being installed in their home. You can cut down on this by choosing a supplier that can make your cabinets at their facility.

This applies to the bathroom cabinet countertop as well – a great supplier of granite, quartz and marble countertops will be able to cut it at their place so that you don’t have to hear it being cut, or clean up after it when it inevitably gets into your home.

Choose Stone World for an unobtrusive bathroom cabinet countertop experience

The team that we have at our Nashville location are ready to give you the right amount of help in choosing custom countertops in the bathroom while providing the right material for your home. Take a look at our granite, marble, and quartz options, then imagine them installed in your home with minimal invasion of your privacy.

Backsplash Designs for your Kitchen

Determining the scope, materials, and design for your kitchen

There are few rooms that people in Nashville love like their kitchens. To create a truly remarkable kitchen, where you friends and family enjoy hanging out, you need more than just a big fridge stocked with cold adult beverages.

A central design element of any kitchen is the backsplash, especially one which is perfectly paired with a memorable kitchen countertop.

That perfect matching of kitchen countertop with backsplash

Most kitchens start with the kitchen countertop and build out from there. How you build a backsplash around a kitchen countertop comes down to what sort of material you have chosen.

For a marble, quartz and granite countertop, try picking one color out of the stone that you like. Now find tiles which are shades of this color to create intricate designs. Find the paint that completes the look and you’ll have a striking monochromatic kitchen.

Modern kitchen countertops paired with stainless steel backsplashes

Modern kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, especially those with a touch of industrial design. To get this look, try pairing a dark quartz countertop, such as our own Dinux, with a stainless steel backdrop. For bonus points, make sure that it has the same look as your fixtures.

Another option in the stone and metal vein includes using hammered stainless steel. This tends to skew the overall design more towards industrial than modern, but there’s no denying that it creates an interesting backdrop/countertop combination.

Contrasting dark kitchen countertops with white marble tile backdrops

People love to see marble in kitchens. A problem that some people have with marble is that it stains slightly easier than other stone kitchen countertop materials. So why not choose a dark kitchen countertop, like our Absolute Black granite, and pair it with a white marble backsplash?

This design is common for those who want to really highlight their marble. Some lighting that is recessed into the cabinets over the marble backsplash can add even further highlights to the details in your marble backsplash.

Backsplash Designs

Backsplash Designs

Further advice on choosing a backsplash for your kitchen which complements your kitchen countertop

Our design team at Stone World are experts at developing backsplash designs for your kitchen, especially if that countertop is one of our own granite, quartz or marble slabs. We know what the Nashville community loves, trust us with your kitchen design as many of your neighbors have!

A Sophisticated Kitchen Style

Marble adds sophistication to your kitchen

Few kitchens that add marble to their design lack in sophistication. Many people in Nashville who are remodeling their kitchen, or building a brand new one, look to marble countertops and other marble accents to give their kitchen a style that has been prominent since ancient Rome.

How can you incorporate marble into your kitchen design? Here are some of our favorite examples.

Marble countertops in your kitchen

Marble cutting boards are a popular accessory, a marble countertop is its big brother. Many people use marble countertops to give their kitchen that great big WOW factor that they’re after. Every single reputable kitchen countertop supplier has a collection of marble countertops. We certainly have some exciting options for you in our marble collection.

Many people pair their marble countertops with chrome or stainless steel fixtures and appliances. These clean and simple metals add their own sparkle to a room without taking away from the marble countertop, or clashing with it.

Sophisticated Kitchen Style

Sophisticated Kitchen Style

Marble kitchen sinks

A marble kitchen sink is a very daring choice, and creates an exceptional look when paired with a marble countertop. Care must be taken with marble sinks as marble needs to be regularly sealed against moisture. With the right care you can have a sink that perfectly matches your marble countertop – this may just be the height of a sophisticated kitchen style design.

Marble tiles for the backsplash and flooring

Using large slabs of marble for the flooring is not common. Floors tend to shift and move under the weight of those walking on it, potentially leading to cracks. Marble tiles, however, have spacing between them which allows for them to flex without breaking.

Marble tile splashbacks are used to complement a marble countertop in a way that will allow the backsplash to extend around the room as a border. Some people will choose to use a thin slab of marble that is identical to their marble countertop to create their backsplash, we’ve certainly seen some excellent kitchens created this way in Nashville.