Custom Countertops in the Bathroom

The process is not as intrusive as you may think

Considering installing custom countertops in the bathroom can be stressful when homeowners start thinking of people coming in and out of their home for days on end, circular saws making noise, and sweaty workmen toiling away.

To be fair, the sweaty workmen appeal to some people, but we’ll assume the majority of those reading would rather not have them around! You can still maintain the privacy you need in your own home.

Your custom bathroom cabinet countertop doesn’t need to be that intrusive, there are  a number of ways that you can make sure it takes up as little time as possible, and is done quickly.

Custom Countertops

Custom Countertops

Take your own measurements and have a firm design idea for your bathroom cabinet countertops

One of the first times that someone may need to get up close and personal with your home is when measurements need to be taken. However, if you would prefer to use the measuring tape yourself, you have the option to cut this step out and take your own measurements.

All you’ll need is the ability to draw a diagram to scale, the ability to make precise measurements, and to take all special considerations (such as existing electrical plugs and water pipes) into account.

This is also your chance to discover for yourself what is possible in your space as you nail down your vision for your bathroom as a whole, as well as for the bathroom cabinet countertops specifically.

Have the cabinets and cabinet countertop built in the factory

The thing that makes most people cringe over is the dirt and sawdust associated with cabinets being installed in their home. You can cut down on this by choosing a supplier that can make your cabinets at their facility.

This applies to the bathroom cabinet countertop as well – a great supplier of granite, quartz and marble countertops will be able to cut it at their place so that you don’t have to hear it being cut, or clean up after it when it inevitably gets into your home.

Choose Stone World for an unobtrusive bathroom cabinet countertop experience

The team that we have at our Nashville location are ready to give you the right amount of help in choosing custom countertops in the bathroom while providing the right material for your home. Take a look at our granite, marble, and quartz options, then imagine them installed in your home with minimal invasion of your privacy.

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