Dining Booths Add Style to Your Kitchen

Style to Your Kitchen

Style to Your Kitchen

How granite can make it look cozy yet sleek

People all over Nashville are looking for that next design idea that will be fun and functional. A dining booth, evoking the 1950s diner feel, is a perfect way to do this.

Choosing the right pieces of granite for your dining booth design can help it last long, look like a cozy place to be with friends and family, and be sturdy enough to meet modern design standards.

How granite countertops are fun in a dining booth

Remember your favorite 1950s style diner? The booths there were comfortable to sit at with your friends, dates, and family because they used a variety of light colors that made the room feel bright and energetic.

You can choose a granite countertop, or other granite components, which are light and warm in colour to give this same feeling of brightness and warmth. Our favorite selections at Stone World for this include Madura Gold and Delicatus. Pairing these lightly colored pieces of granite with warm woods will feel perfect when you cozy up with a loved one.

We also can’t forget that a classic design choice in 1950s diners was for a lightly colored formica countertop. As we all know, formica doesn’t last long and typically needs replacing. Choose a granite countertop that looks like our own Zambesi, or a perfect example such as our Luna Pearl, if you want your dining booth to last.

How granite countertops are functional in a dining booth

Ok, think back to that favorite 1950s diner that you’d go to again. Was the table or countertop beat up, cracked, chipped and missing a corner? My favorites certainly aren’t! Choosing granite for your dining booth is an excellent decision as it takes a lot to damage a granite countertop.

This longevity is a good choice to make function wise as a material which break or scratches looks bad quickly. We’re going for a 1950s dining booth style as it looked new in the 1950s, not how it looked in the mid 1960s after years of abuse!

Choose the right granite countertop for your dining booth

Our team at Stone World has helped many homeowners and design teams in Nashville find just the right granite slab for their kitchen projects. Dining booths add style to your kitchen while creating a unique and friendly feature. Contact our team now, they’ll help you choose the right piece for the dining booth in your home.

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