Replace, Refinish, or Resurface Your Bathroom

The difference and benefits of each

A common question that we hear at Stone World from homeowners in Nashville is “should I replace, refinish, or resurface my bathroom cabinet countertops?” This is a question best looked at if broken down into its separate components, which I will do below.

The difference between refinishing and resurfacing a bathroom cabinet countertop

Refinishing and resurfacing are often confused with one another, there is a very subtle difference that differentiates them:

  • Refinishing involves repairing and re-coating a surface by adding more material on top. This is commonly done with various laminate surfaces.
  • Resurfacing involves stipping away a layer of the top material and then laying an all new surface on top of this. The surface can also be sanded smooth, rather than completely removed, before a new surface is put on top.

Both of these approaches will help extend the life of your bathroom cabinet countertop, usually by 10-15 years, but will do little in the way of adding new value to your home.

Another benefit of both approaches are a lower cost to go from an old and damaged looking bathroom cabinet countertop, to one which appears to be brand new, in comparison to replacing your bathroom cabinet countertop completely.

Replacing your bathroom cabinet countertops

When you’re looking to completely update the look of your bathroom, nothing surpasses installing an all new bathroom cabinet countertop. Reasons why people want to install a new one, rather than refinish or resurface, include:

  • Water damage to underlying plywood and supporting structure
  • Desire to use a value added material, such as granite, quartz, or marble
  • Wanting an all new look that is completely different from the current material

The benefits of choosing to replace your bathroom cabinet countertops are quite apparent as they add all new value to your home, and offer you the greatest flexibility in changing up your look.

Resurface Your Bathroom

Resurface Your Bathroom

What’s right for your bathroom: Replacing, resurfacing or refinishing your bathroom cabinet countertops?

If you need to replace, refinish, or resurface your bathroom and you’re unsure of what will be the right choice for your home, contact our team at Stone World. We’ve helped many people in Nashville remodel their bathroom, you can be sure that our in-house design team will be prepared to help you as well.

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